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SoftíníStable Batting - White
SoftíníStable Batting - White
SoftíníStable Batting - White
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This brand new product is not a poly pellon, not a cotton or wool batting, but a foam!  Coated with a scrim on each side, it’s light but firm and holds your bag shape.  It also stretches, so it makes it a dream to sew around corners while giving the body of a medium to heavy weight stiffening.  It gives a really professional finish to your projects, is washer and dryer safe, and is definitely worth trying!

We have tried it in several bags, and recommend it for small to medium bags without quilting.  If you wish to use it on larger projects, you will need to quilt, but it’s also a dream to quilt through!

Available in a precut pack of 18” x 58” for $16, this will be plenty to make 2 medium sized bags.

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