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Fabric #2236

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Fabric #2236

This new coordinate design features approximately 6” long sprigs of Golden Wattle, our National Floral emblem. This print is very versatile, in that you can use it as a classic coordinate, an applique fabric or a background for applique or pieced blocks. I also think it makes a classy statement as wide border or outer border, especially the darker colours!

Leaf Green

This fresh light green version of the Wattle print will give highlights and contrast to all the prints in our Australian Christmas and Classic color stories of Under the Australian Sun. I think it looks particularly at home when paired up with the cascading leaf print shown below, as well as the Australian Christmas floral spray and shades beautifully with the Green Gumflower print.

Fabric Colours: Green, Gold
Cultural Influence: Australian

Manufacturer: Robert Kaufman
Fabric Range: Under the Australian Sun
Manufacturer's Product Code: ALOM-14788-43 Leaf
Please Note: A minimum quantity of 0.25 (25cm) applies.
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