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UTAS 0015 10

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UTAS 0015 10

A perennial favourite, the Flannel Flower has been given its own showcase design with the flowers depicted to actual size. Aptly named because of the soft petals that feel like flannel to touch, it’s a very versatile flower to feature because of its delicate off white colour and soft green tips. Of all the prints, this one will look the prettiest in little girls’ dresses, shirts, skirts and shift dresses for Summer. All four colours will work well together in the one project, or easily mix and match with coordinates from the collection. Delicately outlined in gold, they are all set on a softly shaded background with a 30cm/12” design repeat.

The soft shades of green used for the background on this print make it versatile and can be used with all the prints throughout the Under the Australian Sun collection. You can keep it fresh, light and simple by adding just ivory tones and little hint of the sage green in the flannel flower tips and foliage, or get bold and add a black background with some soft gold trim for a handbag.

Fabric Colours: Green, Cream
Cultural Influence: Australian

Manufacturer: The Textile Pantry
Fabric Range: Under the Australian Sun
Manufacturer's Product Code: 0015 10 Flannel Flowers Green
Please Note: A minimum quantity of 0.25 (25cm) applies.
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