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Bag Design Basics- 177VAR
Bag Design Basics- 177VAR
Bag Design Basics
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The Bag Design Basics, is a compilation of what i have learned in teaching handbag design over the last few years.  It will give you a great head start to creating your own bags. I’ve included a detailed introduction on why we do and should make bags, and then it describes the seven different ways to make a bag (there are only seven ladies) and how to go about it. Sometimes we also see a commercially made bag and like the shape, design and would perhaps like to imitate it. In this case, half the challenge is identifying how the bag has been made, and this little book will equip you with the skills to do this. It’s A5 (half normal paper) size so it’s nice and compact to fit in your bag or sewing case, and I hope it will give you endless hours of fun and inspiration for designing your own bags.

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