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UTAS 0025 6

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UTAS 0025 6

My new Australian Butterfly prints will be arriving in February. Order now to ensure you receive yours as soon as they arrive and before stock runs out.


Featuring true to life large Australian Butterflies including Cairns Birdwing, Ulysses and Monarch Butterflies, all beautifully airbrush shaded and highlighted with metallic gold outlines in a 24”/60cm design repeat. Printed on high quality 100% cotton cloth in Japan.

Mix and Match with other prints from Under the Australian Sun collection in the Spring color range.

Fabric Colours: Purple, Pink, Blue, Green
Cultural Influence: Australian

Manufacturer: The Textile Pantry
Fabric Range: Undfer the Australian Sun
Manufacturer's Product Code: 0025 6 Cream Pink
Please Note: A minimum quantity of 0.25 (25cm) applies.
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