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Gathering foot #16
Gathering foot #16
Gathering foot #16
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Gathering foot #16 is a wiz at gathering fabrics.  If needed, it can sew a flat piece of fabric to a second piece of fabric while gathering the latter - in a single operation.

  • For gathering individual fabric layers
  • For gathering and simultaneously sewing onto a flat piece of fabric.
  • The flat material is slipped into the indentation so that it isn’t gathered at the same time.
  • For thin and medium-weight materials
  • Results in characteristic gathering
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines
Due to the size of the foot, minimum postage is $9.00.
However we can fit up to 10 feet in a bag for this cost.
If ordering with other items, postage will be recalculated for you. 

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